How to Start an Online Business Within Low Cost

Do you want to start an online business and you need help getting online? In old days, all businesses needed physical locations, but now online shopping continues to rise, a lot of people are making successful business on the internet. You need just a good idea, some money, time to get started, and you can start your online business.

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If you have always wanted to be a businessman, start your own online business today. This is one of the easiest ways to become a businessman. And when online businesses run well, It will give a lot of profit.

Are you ready to get started? Here are a few simple steps to start an online business.

1.            Start with a great idea.

2.            Decide your business name.

3.            Purchase a domain name.

4.            Determine your income model and make a business plan.

5.            Select a web hosting package.

6.            Make your website

7.            Prepare your inventory.

8.            Tell the world! Create a marketing plan

9.            Launch!



1.        Start with a great idea for online business

As you searched for the article, chances are that you already have an idea for online business.

If you have already a business or product idea that you think people will take interest in, confirm that with product research. You need to do a little bit of online market research yourself.

For example, Target Market and Gut Check will connect you with members of your target audience and you can ask them questions directly and you will get a good idea of what they’re likely to think about your product.

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If you have already an idea of your target audience, you can search forums on Reddit to see what people are talking about. Are you have hobby groups on Reddit related to your product niche? If yes, they will talk about new products they would like to see on we site or complaints about old products. You can use these discussions to help to refine your business idea. Or, if you’re looking for direct review, consider a posting on Reddit about your product or idea and see how people are responding to it

Maybe you want to start your online business for some passive income, but you don’t have an idea of how to do it? That’s okay too. Start your business about popular products in a niche area that you know very well. How can you improve these products or create a product like this that would make the experience better?

2.        Decide your business name for online business

As you steadily moving toward the point of your launch, this is the time to check how your business will appear to the world. If you are doing this without settling your name for your online business, then now is the time to make a decision. Choosing a name for your online business is hard.

The name is the one of biggest decisions to make as you work on your brand and is also the most important decision since it will set the base for your brand and after these decisions, you will make next.

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Decide first, what needs to be in your online business name. E.g., what keywords are your competitors using in their names?

Then make a list of dozen keywords for your name. Next, you’ll need to check which business names are available.

Then check your keyword in best any best tool if it shows this name already in use then remove this from your list. Now, do a similar search on social media platforms and on Google to be sure someone else isn’t already using these names.


3.        Purchase a domain name.


You have decided on your business name – congrats! Now it is time to take your domain name.

You have spent so much time thoughtfully deciding on the name for your business, and you also don’t want someone else to buy it before you. Purchase your domain, so you know it is safe and ready when you are.

Use any best domain name search tool to see if your top choice is available, then take the step to purchase your domain.


If your business name is unique enough, you can go straight forward the clearest choice:

If the clearest domain is already taken, then you may have to get a little bit creative.  You can either go with other domain extensions like .net or .me, use a hyphen between words to change things up, or add a short addition to the name.

4.        Determine your income model, and make a plan for online business

So how you want to make money? Are you want to sell products? Are you want to launch a blog and want to make money through an affiliate program or referral links? Are you want to earn passive income?

The answer may determine the type of website you need (an online store) or the type of partnerships you will need to find (sign up with a website that will pay for purchases from your referral links).



Make sure your business plan includes an analysis of the competitors and your clear positioning statement of where you lie within the market. It should also include information about your audience, which your market research should help to have given you good data

All of those provide you with the data you need, certify your approach is nice. In short, your business plan should do one key thing:

•             Make sure your online business plan is nice.


Even if you do not share your business plan with someone else, a business plan can help keep you mentally organized. As your online business grows slowly, your business plans remind you of your goals and be a guideline as you navigate how to approach decisions for the direction of your business.

5.        Select a web hosting package


Website hosting is the server space where your website lives. You can choose your hosting according to your need.

It depends upon you how fast you want your website, how you want to secure your business, or it also depends on your budget.

You can choose 5 types of web hosting:

•             Dedicated servers

•             Shared hosting

•             Cloud hosting

•             Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

•             Managed hosting for WordPress

6.        Make your website

For an online business, a very important thing is your website. You need to make it best easy to use provide good content and products which attract your buyers.

Make sure the website design matches you with your business branding.

If you do not know how to build a website, then try hosting in this you build a website for free. It has two hundred free professional temples.


If you have some knowledge about websites and you want complete control, then try WordPress. You can customize your website with a lot of paid and free templates that are specifically designed for WordPress.

If you’re selling products, don’t forget to add a shopping cart button.

7. Prepare Your Inventory

Now it’s time to build a stock of your products, if you are selling physical products then you need to your item packed and ready for sending.

If you want to sell digital products, like software, then you need to make sure the product is ready. Do your testing first to ensure that your software is working well, but that your customers will be able to use it without any difficulty.

Your last step to finalize your stock before the date of lunch.

8.        Tell the world! Create a marketing plan for online business

Before launching your business, first, you need to promote your business on different platforms. For this, you need a plan for your marketing strategy.

You need a mixed type of promotion, for example, social media promotion, content marketing, etc.

Now if you do not know how to promote your business, then you need to hire an expert person for this work.

If you do not have a lot of money to pay a marketing company then you go on the different marketplace for example where people sell their service. From you can hire a freelancer at an affordable price.

9. Launch your online business

Launching day will be a big day for your new online business. If your website isn’t already live, then you will want it up and running on launch day. You also need to do a press release, announce the launch on social media platforms, and start your marketing campaigns.

Your first day in business is a big day, but your success will depend on what you do for every day that comes. Be ready to work hard, never stop your learning and provide great customer service. Run an online business isn’t easy, but if you take the right steps and do the work hard, the rewards can be good